I would say instead that this is a life-and-death battle. Indeed, this is a struggle of personalities, and not of strategies and program goals with which candidates go. This is a struggle of emotions, communication narratives, which are designed, on the one hand, to build support even after elections. They are going face to face to meet with desire of the public.

Why should you vote?

The most significant reason is the exercise of the right to vote. The right to vote is given to all citizens of US. Having the right to vote, everyone gets the opportunity to take part in the process of governing the state, as well as to have a direct impact on the government.

The second reason is that each American citizen decides for himself whom he would like to entrust to govern the country during the next presidential term. Since the opportunity to elect the president of the country is provided once every six years, it is impossible to neglect the chance to make your life better.

The third reason is the manifestation of personal citizenship. Only a real citizen is not indifferent to what is happening, both in the country as a whole and in his hometown.

The fourth reason is the maximum voter turnout. Fair elections are elections with a high turnout. The high turnout is evidence that voters have an active civic position and are concerned about the country’s future.

Minimizing potential fraud is another reason to take part in the elections. With a high voter turnout, the likelihood of falsification and rigging of voting results is greatly reduced.