Stronger Families

As a lifelong Texan, a proud conservative, and man of deep faith, Lt. Governor Dewhurst shares the average Texan’s passion for the sanctity of life, the strength of family, and the importance of liberty. Thanks to his efforts, the Texas Senate passed more pro-life legislation than ever before, strengthened traditional marriage, expanded adoption access, and promoted the expansion of adult stem cell research (as opposed to life-ending embryonic stem cell efforts).

With his heartfelt conviction that the family is the foundation for a functioning society, Dewhurst worked long hours and braved the slings and arrows of critics to strengthen that essential social unit.

Adult Stem Cell Research

With the life-respecting fetal stem cell research limitations instituted by President George W. Bush under threat from the White House, Lt. Governor Dewhurst worked diligently to protect unborn Texans by providing state funding for equally effective adult stem cell research while restricting state dollars from funding embryonic stem cell experimentation.

Traditional Marriage

Defended the God-ordained definition of marriage as one man and one woman as a champion of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2003 and the passage of an accompanying Constitutional Amendment in 2005.

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  • +1 046 244 3912


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