The Right Prescription for Texas

Jan 14, 2013


I will never be confused with a doctor, but that’s not to say that we all couldn’t learn how to govern based on one of their strongest principles: “First, do no harm.”

As the members of the Texas Legislature rolled into town last week to mark the beginning of the 83rd Legislature, it’s important to remember our state is on good footing. It’s up to elected officials to honor their commitments and deliver results for Texas.

Just this week, I stood with Governor Rick Perry and Speaker Joe Straus to talk about our shared commitment to fiscal responsibility, how we can work together to maintain our status as the greatest state in America, and how we can prepare now to leave behind a strong state for our children and grandchildren.

The most immediate thing to provide our children with a strong state is to address how we protect them. With the violence we've seen in public schools, we must do everything we can to protect the safety and well-being of our children.

In current statutes, local school districts can authorize a teacher to carry a concealed weapon. In remarks I delivered to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, I proposed to have the state help those districts who locally chose this option by providing specialized training to the personnel they authorize on gun use and safety in a school setting.

With your help, we will be able to work to meet these challenges head-on, and ensure that our actions as legislators do no harm to the character and resilience of the Lone Star State.

Can I count on you to join the fight?

For Texas,

David Dewhurst