Texas Pro-Life Leaders Rally in Support of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

Jul 18, 2013


Today, I gratefully accepted the endorsements of the major pro-life leaders in Texas in my campaign for re-election as Lt. Governor. It means the world to me to win the support of people who work so hard to protect the most vulnerable Texans. Regard for life is the essential measure of any society and I am proud to join the majority of my fellow Texans in our shared respect for the sanctity of life.

These organizations hail from across a broad geographic and theological spectrum, but all agree that my consistent efforts to protect the preborn make me the right choice to continue as your Lt. Governor.

Elizabeth Graham of the Texas Right to Life PAC
"Members of Texas Right to Life were genuinely saddened to see the woundedness of the abortion crowd manifest in such angry words and raucous action when the mob descended on the capitol on June 25th. However, these protestors only succeeded in delaying the passage of House Bill 2, the prolife omnibus bill.  The mob showed their cards, and Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst became steeled in his resolve to shepherd this lifesaving measure to passage. Dewhurst did just that on July 13th, and Texas Right to Life PAC considers this a great victory for our state and for the unborn-a victory that would not have happened without him. Texas Right to Life PAC proudly endorses David Dewhurst for Lt. Governor."

Joe Pojman, PhD, Executive Director for the Texas Alliance for Life PAC
"When it comes to advocating for pro-life legislation, elected officials across the country could take a lesson from David Dewhurst. Throughout his tenure, he has helped organizations like ours navigate the shoal waters of the legislative process to get effective bills passed into law. We support his candidacy because we're confident he'll continue standing tall for the sanctity of life."

In addition to these group endorsements, I was also honored to receive the personal endorsements of other leaders in the Texas pro-life movement.

Kyleen Wright of the Texans for Life Coalition
"I've been in this fight for a while and I remember the days before David Dewhurst took office when the Senate would barely touch pro-life legislation. Since he's been in office, he's done the heavy lifting to pass bills that strengthen the role of parents in the lives of their minor children including the Parental Notification and Parental Consent laws. I believe re-electing David Dewhurst is the best thing we can do to protect future generations of Texans."

Carol Everett of the Heidi Group
"We can't lose sight of the fact that David Dewhurst cares as much about the women in the abortion equation as he does for their unborn babies. No one talks about the more than $170 million in funding for women's health services passed in this session and the protections HB2 provides by improving the quality of care for Texas women at abortion facilities. We'll talk about it and encourage people to re-elect him as we do."

Ann Hettinger, Public Policy Director at the Center for Preservation of American Ideals
"David Dewhurst has never backed down from a fight and we're certain he won't during this next term either. He has consistently set aside any concerns for his political prospects to do what's right for Texas women and their unborn children and our state is better for it.

Throughout my time as Lt. Governor, it has been an honor to work, plan, and pray with these pro-life leaders in pursuit of legislation that reflects the majority of our citizens' embrace of life. Their endorsements are an affirmation of our shared conservative values and a reminder that some things are worth a fight. Keeping Texas free and strong is definitely worth a fight.