This minimal gap in the fluctuating states (0.5-3%) means that after the announcement of the winner, the United States will plunge into the abyss of lawsuits, recounts and proceedings.

“A surprisingly smooth election day was just a run-up for America’s emergency landing. The country woke up, and outside the window is practically the worst-case scenario of all possible,” wrote Philadelphia Inquire analyst and columnist Will Bunch.

On the one hand, this is a normal democratic process, which under other circumstances can only be welcomed. But at the moment, the split in American society is so great, and the nerves are so inflated, that the country may be in the balance of civil confrontation.

USA Today cites data from polls conducted by YouGov, from which it follows that 47% of Americans surveyed believed in advance that the election results would be dishonest, 51% would not accept the winner as a legitimate president. 56% of respondents expect a serious surge in violence.